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“This remarkable history should be read by anyone who thinks they understand the relationship between religion and politics. Barger convincingly demonstrates that liberationists participated in the forging of a secular age in which religious claims are a familiar feature of the public sphere. Lucidly written and theoretically nimble, this book will inspire a new generation of activists to think about how their moral calls to reform might change the world.” –Kathryn Lofton, Professor of Religious Studies, American Studies, and History, Yale University


“Lilian Calles Barger offers a poignant and highly readable account of her Christian feminist spirituality. With depth of insight she integrates reflections on her personal life experiences with her account of authentic Christianity in contemporary times.” Dr. Claire L. Sahlin, director, Women’s Studies, Texas Woman’s University.


” A rich and thought-provoking treatment of the nature of women’s physicality and value, bringing a woman-friendly perspective to traditional theological questions. We need more such dialogue between feminism and faith communities – the discussion enriches both.” Naomi R. Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth